Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Natural Disaster"

"My Words Are Natural Disasters/
Dirty Rose Get In Ya Ass, Like A Gay Boy, Only Faster/
Poof, n*gga, i'll combust ya ass, like paper/
Bust ya eyes like I'm in the purple and gold...a Laker/
Like I said before this game is like candy, and I got a sweet tooth, ya know?/
Windy words blow harder, tear your skin off, and freeze snow/
I'm the truth, literally and mentally, I only speak in scribes/
I talk verbal typhoons, f*cked up phrases, yep, them Dirty Diatribes/
I am an oxymoron, I am too hot, but talk so cold/
I got a stone poker face, prepare to fold/
I'm too hard, super stiff like too much Viagra/
I told you, I am, my words, their own natural disasters/"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pain's Son

Pain had alotta children with despair/
I mean, who wouldn't, with all her flowing hair/
Great looks, and natural ability/
Makes me wanna find her, and have a habibi/
But I encountered one of their kids 2 days ago/
Turned my whole life around, like winnebego/
Made me stop in my tracks and stare at my feet/
Made me forsake all that's good and all that's sweet/
The name was life, and it was a b*tch/
Now before you get mad, and poem switch/
Realize what I mean is, that it tricks and tries you/
More false hands than a clown trying to surprise you/
Its lays the road stop, so life you can't fly through/
Knocking you off, infecting you so sick, like the flu/
And you notice its androgynous/
Because its a he or a she, or both sex/
But I'll sum it up quick, so out you be let/
Life's a b*tch, and your pimp, and its up to it how much you get/

Save Me......

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Misery

Delectable I am, a sweet kidney/
So lecter-able, you want to eat me/
But indulge in me, brings joy sadness, and tears/
I may be sugar coated with candy on top, but honey, I'm your worst fears/
I'll eat at your happiness, make it hurt real good/
Make you never want to leave, like Roger's neighborhood/
But like a relationship, I go bad/
Make start to think, what you shouldnt have had/
But before you can think, your happiness will be through/
I eat away your rainbow, until its blue/
"Mister Misery" was a nickname but now its my name/
Who woulda thought that it would garner this much fame/
So come here, doll, bite this tranquility/
And I'll kiss you right back, with lips.....of "sweet misery"/

Help me......

Sunday, March 1, 2009


No, I did not delete my other blog....
This is For Poetic Use Only.
On March 1st, while in the comfort of my Mother's House in Upscale Mason, Ohio, I realized that I....made alot of mistakes. i have cut ties with too many friends, told many lies, told many an untruth, been hypocritical, severed early ties with people due to fear, missed chances with people to further friendships-relationships, ruined relationships with people who have blossomed into wonderful people...and et cetera, but the point is.....i am not perfect...and i realize that....and i feel harmed by the people by me who didnt let me realize that, and hurt by the ones who did. i dont know what to when this words turn to blood in my brain, which turns to ink of a tablet......
Lets do this....

I Might Try and Publish some of this sh*t


You Feel Heavy In Your Legs, But Not Heavy Like a Fattie/
You Feel Lost In Your World Of Games, And Beef Patties/
You Feel Hopeless In Your Sight, blind To The World/
Not Sh*t Matters To You, Not Even Your Little Girl/
Your Spouse Left you, not to long ago/
She stared @ You Like A No eye-ed Man, With A Monocle/
So You Say, "F*ck it, I dont Have to do what They Say/
I'm Gonna Just F*ck Sh*t Up, and blow Everything away"/
You Get In your Subaru, and You gun it to 80/
Down the School streets, even in Broad Day/
You almost hit a kid, but your exceeding 100/
Spirit already destroyed, Aint Nothing Lest to Sunder/
"Man I had a Good Day planned, I was gonna hit up the mall/
buy every damn thing, until the place collapsed and i fall/
but nah, i'm done with that sh*t, i'm gonna buy me a gat/
i'mma paint this town red, then i'm gonna end it all, like that"/
you stroll into the gun store, calm as can be/
ask for some ammo, and a gat to start your spree/
"I.D. Please" says the man calmly/
then you realize you left your wallet, in your statue of Luc Longley/
snatched out your knife, you gank that dude/
steal a couple of guns, ammo, and kick him for his attitude/
lady asks "whats going on?" when you come outside/
"BLAM!!!" roars the revolver, and your pierce into her side/
Jump into her Beamer, Ride seems Kinda of Fresh/
Chrome wheels, leather seats, and the backs have nets mesh/
Gunnin down the highway, for no real reason/
police track the car, "its open season"/
the lights come on, and your still speeding up/
"is he mad?" the passengers think when the car pulls up/
you get into a speed shootout with 7 other police cars/
and you see a helicopter ahead of you with a speaker on its bars/
"Pull Over Son, while you still can"/
"F*ck you" your head thinks, "I'm gonna be the man"/
"SKIIIIP" Flip over does your car, on the highway/
"You did it, your way," says the speaker, "now its gonna be my way"/
before you can breath your ass is surrounded/
40 men so close, your mind is confounded/
you grab the trigger, and you put it to your head/
"f*ck all ya'll, ya'll fools is dead"/
but before you pull that trigger, you hear a different voice/
one that used to make you smile, no its wretched noise/
"i love you" says your little baby girl/"
"you mean alot to me, more than the whole world"
"dont worry son, Your always my winner"
"hey man, chill out, everyone is a sinner"
"You my peeps, man, we stay cool like ice in winter"
"youngin, lookie here, you come in for dinner"
As these words swurl, and dabble in your brain/
a officer comes and fire, and in your head, there is pain/
for he didnt fire with real ammunition/
rubber pellets came out his shaft, for it was his superstition/
but his action made you sqeeuze, with your hand on said trigger/
and forced your mother to find you, and decent grave digger/
Dreams in Acid, you wake from your drugs, Dreams ever so lucid/
"man, what the hell was that? that was hell stupid"/

I need Help........